Waterproofing clean water tank by epoxy paint

Waterproofing clean water clean tank, is a mandatory factor, used in clean water tanks in industrial construction.

Waterproofing clean water tank is designed safely for human health. Products after being put into use are safe, highly aesthetic, saving ceramic tiles or coating inside the tank. 

Construction method of this product requires the highest technical requirements, practical construction experience. Below is the construction techniques for waterproofing clean water tank using specialized epoxy paint materials:

Prepare clean water tank surface:
– When pouring concrete with stop circuit is treated with water barrier tape, or expanded Bentonite bar.
– After 2 weeks of concrete pouring, conduct waterproofing by epoxy coating method
– Steps to implement epoxy waterproofing paint:

  1. Cleaning, clean surface treatment, rough discharge
  2. Using 2-layer epoxy waterproofing materials with 2 layers
  3. Useing  rulo dedicated to epoxy primer on the surface to be waterproof. Do not use water-based epoxy
  4. 2 coats of color at the request of the investor

BRY not only installs waterproofing with epoxy paint but also provides epoxy coating service for construction works, commercial centers, …

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