Ceramic Coatings

What is Ceramic coating?
– Ceramic coating is a line of Ceramic roller or spray paint formed on 3-layer concrete surface with a total thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm. Ceramic paint is also two-component paint but superior to the current PU and epoxy floor paint, it has the advantages of both types. Ceramic paint applies the world’s most advanced HYBRID PAINT technology today. Ceramic paint lines are imported directly from Korea by BRY.

Some advantages and disadvantages of ceramic paint bring to

the floor when being constructed:

– Advantages of construction of ceramic coating bring:

+ Can be applied on damp foundation

+ Better oil and grease.

+ High load capacity, abrasion resistance, good scratch resistance

+ Anti-mildew, anti-dust

+ Easy to clean and clean

+ Excellent adhesion, suitable for hot and humid climate

+ Life expectancy of 7-10 years

– Disadvantages of Ceramic floor paint:

+ High cost

+ Requires high construction techniques

+ More limited color

Where appropriate to use:

Being a high-class product in the paint industry, it is applied a lot, widely in industrial environment areas.


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