Setting anti heat paint

Nowadays, because of global warming, our weather has been becoming hot and harsh than ever. For that reason, businesses and household heads have became more interested in the need for anti-heat. Heat-resistant forms can include planting many trees, making plaster ceilings, plastic walls, cooling water spray systems … However, we want to show you a method that is both cost-effective and effective. Long-term results are thermal insulation spraying.

Heat-resistant paint (also known as insulating paint) is a type of paint in which its components have a film-forming agent that is insulated and reflected in the sun. This paint is usually painted on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight such as corrugated iron, wall surfaces, terraces … It helps to lower the temperature of the surfaces very low, very beneficial for (for example: if the surface of the roof is hot to 60 degrees, the heat-resistant paint will reduce the temperature from 16-20 degrees, and the surface of the roof of 40 degrees C will only decrease by 7. 8 degrees when applying heat-resistant paint)

Is epoxy paint really effective?

In fact, the effect of heat-resistant paint depends heavily on the thickness of the paint. The higher the thickness, the higher the efficiency. So the temperature will drop. Depending on the specific characteristics of the surfaces. The lower the surface, the better the effect of paint is perceived.

Why should you choose anti-hot paint? With superior characteristics

  • Easy to apply, less expensive and effective than any other heat-resistant measures
  • Heat decreased markedly only 4 hours after construction
    Hot construction also helps reduce noise when heavy rain
  • Extremely good abrasion resistance, ensuring long-term durability after many years
  • Protecting roofs, improving longevity and bringing new look to your home and buildings
  • Water-based paints are very friendly to the environment


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