Self-leveling Ceramic Paint

Self-leveling Ceramic Paint is a kind of luxury paint  which is imported from Korea.

So what is self-leveling Ceramic Paint?

Self-leveling Ceramic Paint is a great combination of many Ceramic series products. Includes high-level self-leveling concrete repair mortar and Ceramic coating. Self-leveling ceramic paint can easily turn bad concrete floors into beautiful colored concrete floors, good durability, high load capacity. BRYepoxy is imported directly from Korea by self-leveling Ceramic Paint

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic paint.

  • Advantages:

+ Lower cost than self-leveling epoxy paint with the same thickness

+ Can be applied on damp foundation

+ Excellent adhesion, suitable for hot and humid climate

+ Easily repair bad concrete floors

+ Anti-mildew, anti-dust, easy to clean and clean

+ Resistant to high load, abrasion resistance

+ Resistant to grease and chemical corrosion

  • Disadvantages:

+ Construction techniques are harder than self-leveling epoxy paint

+ Time to lose short self-confidence.

+ Long time to import goods (this is the paint line imported from the Korean market, so it takes time to clear goods when imported)

Where to use appropriate self-leveling ceramic paint:

Due to the preeminent properties of the product, automatic flow balancing ceramic coating is suitable in almost every industrial environment such as clean room, factory, processing place of agro-forestry-fishery, hospital .. Or places that require antibacterial environments …

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