Applying epoxy for clean room, hospital

What do you know about epoxy floor paint? Epoxy floor paint is a type of paint with two components A and B. The component A is the paint and component B is the curing agent. Therefore, if painted with epoxy floor, the concrete floor can withstand heavy load, withstand the impact of external factors such as forklift and human activity. Besides, epoxy paint is an easy cleaning material that is suitable for hospitals and clean rooms.

Hospital environment is a place with strict requirements on hygiene. Air pollution in the departments / departments in hospitals is polluted as a threat that can affect patients during treatment and recovery as well as direct impact on the health of doctors and doctors. Doctor: increased mortality, prolonged hospital stay, increased antibiotic use and treatment costs – also known as hospital infections (NKBV).

Hospital infections can be caused by a variety of reasons such as unclear disinfection medical equipment, equipment, hand washing practices of health workers, unsanitary conditions, poor health status of patients and adults. age, … in which a big cause is NKBV from the air. Therefore the requirement to use clean rooms is a mandatory requirement for each hospital.

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Definition of clean room levels?

Clean rooms are assigned according to cleanliness. While there are many factors, the clean room system allows people to refer to using the appropriate frame type. Until a clean level is reached, stimulate the reference particle to 0.5 micron. That way how many dust particles are in one cubic meter of air, you will determine the level of the clean room. The larger the number of dust particles, the more dirty the room.

According to ISO standards, clean rooms are divided into levels ranging from 1-8 with the number of 0.5 micron sizes per cubic meter of air.

Level 7 (352000 0.5 micron particle size per cubic meter of air)

Popular use of hospital operating rooms. Some types of plants use this clean room level. Must wear clean clothes, hoods and paper. Air enters the room through the HEPA filter (high cumulative performance) Restricting access to the room is using strong pressure and involves the surrounding space.

To meet the clean room requirements, we recommend using epoxy paint. By:

Epoxy paint is one of several paints that can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, but is actually used for floor and workshop surfaces. When dry, epoxy paint becomes a hard and durable surface layer, making it the perfect choice for floor coatings