Anti Acid epox paint

In an acid environment, items and people in that environment are susceptible to the effects of acids that greatly affect and can have unintended consequences …

Epoxy paint is one of the products selected by investors to prevent acid corrosion, product surface protection, machinery, … Currently on the market the epoxy paint line has many types of bearing Various properties: antistatic, waterproof, anti-mold, antibacterial, … And acid-resistant epoxy paint is a specialized product used to combat the destruction of acids making contact surface corroded.

What are the characteristics of acid-resistant epoxy floor paint:

Anti- Acid epoxy paint: is a kind of paint that has the same mechanical properties as non-solvent epoxy floor paint, and self-leveling, but has some other characteristics such as: strong resistance to substances such as: Acid Sulfuric, Phosphoric Acid, Nitric, Hydrochloric, NaOH and many other acids, … Ability to prevent color change due to color change due to chemical reasons, blistering, peeling, …


Characteristics of acid resistant epoxy paints:

– Excellent acid resistance than other normal epoxy lines.

– Chemical resistance such as acid, oil, alkali

– Tensile strength, compressive strength, and large tonnage.

– Excellent anti-wear

-Environmental friendliness

Specifications of acid resistant epoxy paint: See more here

The steps of executing epoxy resistant acid are as follows:

Can be constructed with a floor surface that is cleaned before, clean (cleaning, grinding, sanding, vacuuming, …)

Perform primer construction: this helps to enhance the surface, and semi-adhesion

Coating: Perfectly coated for both padding and coating, excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical properties, and abrasion resistance.

Acid resistant paints are commonly used in many environments: laboratories, hospitals, chemical factories, especially fertilizer plants, breweries, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, ….

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The steps of construction will be added, by the stage depending on the different surface conditions of the material, for more information please contact hotline 0904 704 969 or BRY for answers and advice are free.