Current popular anti-heat methods

The hot summer sun makes you not always feel uncomfortable and stuffy. How does your house not turn into a bowl of a bowl? How do you get back to a cool, cool paradise after a stressful day? Have you ever thought about anti-hot measures?

All anti-hot measures have a certain effect but besides the positive, there are still limitations that are not easily overcome. For example, you use air conditioning to reduce the room temperature. It is really an effective method to help you overcome the obnoxious summer but the operating costs are high, causing more environmental pollution than those with respiratory-related diseases cannot use air conditioning.

Smart fans are also one of the popular items on these hot summer days. However, it is worrisome that this device will put moisture into the room when it is operated, which is not good for users’ health while reducing the life of electronic devices.

Recognizing the harmful problems of traditional measures, we offer you a more feasible method of heat protection, which is both cost-effective and significantly reduces the heat absorption that makes the room cool. more batch. It is using heat-resistant paint for roofs and walls.

Heat-resistant paint is a single-component water-based, specially formulated to withstand hot climates, prevent heat transfer, reflect light and sun rays. This is a heat-resistant paint for high thermal efficiency, reducing the surface temperature by 10-20 when the roof temperature is above 60. The higher the temperature, the greater the temperature difference.
High adhesion and can be applied on many material surfaces.
With hot weather, if using anti-hot paint will increase labor productivity and save power use
Protect and increase the durability of the roof roof, reduce noise on corrugated roof when it rains heavily.
Use on a variety of surfaces to resist heat such as corrugated iron roofs, tile roofs, concrete walls, factories, farms, houses, hotels, hospitals, shops…
User manual

Surface preparation
Construction surface requires clean, no dirt, grease, and impurities
Surface with old paint, rust, impurities need to be cleaned before construction
The surface is concrete, the outer wall has cracks needing repair, filling before construction
Construction of anti-hot paint
Concrete wall: Class 15-30% clean water. The next two layers if the paint is mixed with about 5-10% clean water.
Old corrugated iron is rusted: It is recommended to use anti-rust paint or multi-purpose primer as primer before applying heat-resistant paint.
New corrugated iron: Apply 2-3 layers of heat-resistant paint to 0.25-0.35 mm thickness, the time when the liver is constructed between each layer is 1-2 hours apart, depending on weather conditions. First layer, thinly applied to avoid cracking and peeling. In case of solid paint, dilute clean water 5-10%. With a dry surface, absorb paint quickly, can dilute more than the above ratio


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