How standard is the floor of the factory floor?

In order to know which criteria of a food production facility must ensure the prescribed factors, what should we look for?

Standard is a regulation on technical characteristics and management requirements used as a standard to classify and evaluate products, goods, services, processes, environment and other objects in economic activities – communes The association aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of these subjects.
The standard is published by an organization in a textual format to encourage application (technical TC&QC law)

Currently, along with the development of the global economy, the quality of products – services is focused and developed more strongly, according to which standards in production and business activities are also more concerned. now, such as: ISO standards, food hygiene and safety standards, GMP – GLP – GSP – GDP – GPP standards, ….
The standards in production business are assessed specifically for each production department, product sector … One of the areas must comply closely with production standards as manufacturing sector. /Food Processing.

Should read The compulsory standards in the factory such as GMP – GLP – GSP – GDP – GPP.

Standard floor paint must depend on each industry and the environment of the factory to be able to provide the appropriate floor paint standards, for example:

Depending on the product and the production plan of the investor, a food production factory must ensure the following 5 elements:

  1. Prevent contamination to the lowest extent possible.
  2. Design and plans to arrange premises are convenient for maintenance and disinfection work and minimize the level of air pollution inside the factory.
  3. Using appropriate construction materials, ensuring that no hazardous substances are produced when exposed to food, ensuring durability, easy cleaning and convenient maintenance.
  4. Options to control temperature and humidity.
  5. Effective protection plan for pests from outside.

Based on the standards of food production workshops such as HACCP (¹) / ISO 22000, BRY epoxy – the unit specializing in the construction of factory floor substrates, is proposed to propose the factory floor as follows:

  1. The surface must be smooth, waterproof, easy to maintain, clean and disinfect
  2. Surfaces and materials, especially those exposed to food, must be non-toxic to the intended use, and where proper durability is required, and easy to maintain and maintain.
  3. Wall, partition and floor surfaces must be carefully constructed with non-toxic, non-toxic materials
    Floors must be built so that they are easy to drain and easy to clean.
  4. In order to ensure the factory floor paint standards, as well as important wall / partition locations, BRY epoxy recommends using epoxy paint with preeminent features in the construction of the factory floor. »Benefits of using epoxy paint for industrial floors
  5. ¹) (HACCP) stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – International standards for hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical industry, validated by NQA, UK. See more here.